Carol Werelius, Executive Trustee

Biography: Ms. Werelius, a co-founder of NOAH is an Executive Trustee, Director and Secretary/Treasurer. Ms. Werelius brings thirty years sales and marketing expertise to the Company. She, along with her husband, Jay, has developed all of the marketing and promotional material for NOAH.

Ms. Werelius has served as Vice President of Echosearch Resources Inc., a Utah Corporation formed to search for hydrocarbon deposits with a high tech proprietary detection device. As President of GeoRadar Scanning Services, a Washington Business Trust, she found new markets and uses for the Echosearch technology. Ms. Werelius has strong skills in administration, finance, sales and marketing, territory development, and excels in managerial decision making.

Ms. Werelius is also the co-founder and Executive Trustee of Indicator Information Institute. She is well known for her expertise and customer service.

Ms. Werelius received her education in western New York.

Carol and Jay created NOAH as a thank you for success. NOAH is our way of giving back to our community for all that our community has given us.

Jay Werelius, Executive Trustee

Biography: Mr. Werelius is one of the co-founders and an Executive Trustee, Director and President of NOAH, the National Organization for American Humanities, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the betterment of mankind. Werelius has 40 years of management and consulting experience with national and international businesses in business development. He also has considerable experience in sales and marketing in the construction industry. Werelius has focused a great deal of time on energy conservation, renewable resources, and waste to energy related projects. His experience has included development packaging of several energy projects with co-generation applications. Werelius is the former President of Indicator, Inc. an Alaska corporation which specialized in providing and coordinating the total scope of project services from conception through implementation. Werelius has proven skills in project analysis, viability, and management consultation.

Mr. Werelius is also one of the co-founders and an Executive Trustee of Indicator Information Institute, an organization focusing on asset protection and estate planning.  

Mr. Werelius attended Uppsala University in Sweden, and Sheffield University in England. He received a degree in Business from Western Washington State University.