The trustees of the National Organization of American Humanities invite you to join with NOAH in our missions of assistance.


  • “Your investment in the youth of America is an investment in our future. You shape the future by shaping the youth of your country, state and town.” – Jim Knox
  • “If you are not happy with the present government, then change the way the future leaders think, if you have done your job well, you will get the government of your design, if you do not do your job well, you get the government you deserve ” – Jim Knox


In the FIRST POINT there are two quotes. Is it really that simple? Look at history to find your answer. An investment in youth has the highest return or the lowest return, depending on the what you invest. A mediocre education begets a mediocre government and a mediocre government begets a crumbling society.


The National Organization for American Humanities mission is to assure that all our youths have the availabilty of the type of education that will build not just good leaders, but GREAT leaders.


It is up to all of us to provide the proper education and guidance to the youths of America. It is our responsbility to supply you with the tools to do that job. We are looking for leaders to accept the challenge that we set forth and to join NOAH in creating the tools for you to do the job. Join us for a better tomorrow.


It’s up to all of us to leave this world better than we found it!