Medical Research

Medical Research

Medical Research

The trustees of the National Organization of American Humanities invite you to join with NOAH in our missions of assistance.


The National Organization for American Humanities mission is to assure all people have proper medical care. To this end, NOAH will support Medical Research and Development for the following:

  1. Medical solutions remedies and new technologies focusing on relief of pain and suffering for the peoples of all countries.
  2. Research into the holistic medical sciences for remedies that originate from a ‘natural’ source.


The National Organization for American Humanities (NOAH), was formed as an accountable non-profit Foundation, and is challenged with the responsibility to support those individuals, organizations and activities which directly benefit society. NOAH’s primary goal is to support any worthwhile project, providing that the request has a net benefit to humankind, which in turn contributes to the enhancement of our global community.

In addition, our mission is to alleviate pain and suffering whenever possible. To that end, NOAH will support any and all modalities that promote remedies and healing from the holistic approach using the natural resources of this planet to heal its people.


NOAH defines its role as an organization that assists and promotes:

  1. Medial treatment and proper representation of all modalities, regardless of the science field where it was originated.
  2. Research and development of products and modalities that may be contrary to the ‘main stream medical practices’ but offer relief and promise for an ongoing methodology and treatment.
  3. Representation to those people that cannot represent themselves in regards to medical treatments and modalities.


The National Organization for American Humanities, an American Renaissance Coalition, will cooperate within its Mission Statement, to help all people that are disenfranachised for whatever reason.


Use of Funds: To facilitate proper research and development for all modalities of medical treatment and procedures.


As a public Foundation, NOAH supports individuals and their ingenuity to make this world a better place. Come join us, work with us. The National Organization for American Humanities is a unique and very worthwhile organization. NOAH needs your help. NOAH needs your involvement. Come join us in some way. . . together we can make a difference.

It’s up to all of us to leave this world better than we found it!