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NOAH Foundation has Seven Funding Priorities

Listed here, but not in any specific order:

  1. Youth and Education,
  2. Equity and Justice,
  3. Community Development,
  4. the Arts,
  5. Public Policy,
  6. Research and Development of Health Solutions, and
  7. New Technologies.

Within each is a priority and the Foundation has identified several areas of interest considering the condition of our habitat.

Here is a synopsis of each of the seven categories:

Within the Youth and Education program, the foundation looks for ways to eliminate barriers to the healthy development of young people, encourages organizations serving youth in creative ways, and supports efforts to improve elementary and secondary schooling, including key institutions with which NOAH has close ties.

In Equity and Justice, NOAH focuses on those who face discrimination, are dispossessed, or are poorly served by society and the judicial system. NOAH is especially resolved to serve the elderly, the disabled, victims of domestic violence and children at risk. NOAH looks for organizations that respond creatively and vigorously to meet those needs; groups engaging in constructive public advocacy and working to ensure the protection of civil rights for all humankind, regardless of age, gender, race or ethnic origin.

The Community Development program looks to enhance and protect the general environment. In community development, the Foundation supports projects that encourage an enhanced quality of life for the entire community.

The Arts programs provide assistance and education within various Art fields.

The Public Policy program provides a vehicle to make general support grants to national organizations working to strengthen the debate on key issues facing society.

On Research and Development we are keenly in favor of Environmental solutions to our changing habitat. There is ample evidence that many diseases are directly and indirectly linked the conditions and health of the Environment.

Affordable and practical solutions for Medical and Health solutions for all conditions and general health. We support individuals, groups and businesses that have or are developing solutions, remedies and new technologies focusing on relief of pain and suffering for the peoples of all countries.

New Technologies and techniques for many of the industries that directly affect the medical fields, agriculture, transportation, energy conservation and production (this includes Alternative Energy solutions for our homes and transportation needs), and construction techniques using recyclable materials are also addressed.