The National Organization For American Humanities,
an American Renaissance Coalition.

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Trust that was originated in 1997.

The National Organization for American Humanities is an accountable American non-profit 501(c)(3) and World entity. We have accepted the challenge to support those causes and activities which directly benefit the world.

TRUSTEES: Jay Werelius and Carol Werelius.










The Trustees of the National Organization of American Humanities would appreciate your participation and investment to join with NOAH in our missions of assistance.


The National Organization for American Humanities, as an accountable American and World entity, has accepted the challenge of the responsibility to support those individuals, organizations and activities which directly benefit society. NOAH’s primary goal is to support any worthwhile project, providing that the request has a net benefit to humankind, which in turn contributes to the enhancement of our global community.


Our planet has been abused for centuries by man and our planet desperately needs all of our combined assistance to repair the ecological damages inflicted on our fragile planet. In addition to the direct damages caused by mankind, in 1998 over 82 billion dollars of debilitating losses were experienced through out the world from indirectly caused weather related damages. These storms and calamities of nature have caused thousands of deaths and have destroyed whole communities. There isn’t enough government assistance to resolve all the misery and pain in this world. There are now over one billion people on this earth that are illiterate. The failure to educate hundreds of millions of children poses a threat not only to their lives, to world peace, but also to world survival. NOAH is dedicated to assisting those in need where and whenever possible. It takes a team.




The National Organization for American Humanities (NOAH), formed in October of 1997, was created as an American Renaissance Coalition. NOAH was formed as an accountable non-profit Foundation, and is challenged with the responsibility to support those individuals, organizations and activities which directly benefit society. NOAH’s primary goal is to support any worthwhile project, providing that the request has a net benefit to humankind, which in turn contributes to the enhancement of our global community.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the National Organization for American Humanities is to positively impact the world wide community by supporting the development of new ideas, products and technologies for the collective good to all mankind.


NOAH subscribes to the belief that finding alternative answers for many of society’s needs is of paramount importance. Funding these objectives will impact our social system in a positive way for generations to come. NOAH is organized for the permanent administration of funds placed in trust by various donors for research, development, education and humanitarian purposes. Assistance is available to any organization exploring new technologies today, for a better tomorrow.


The activities of the National Organization for American Humanities support three general principles:

  • Empowerment to develop independence,
  • Educate and equip people to help themselves and to serve others, inclusiveness, to expand opportunity for those who lack it, and
  • Community (to build and sustain quality in our common life).



The foundation has seven funding priorities:

1. Youth and Education,
2. Equity and Justice,
3. Community Development,
4. Arts,
5. Public Policy,
6. Research and Development of Health Solutions and
7. New Technologies.


Within each priority, the Foundation has identified several areas of concentration.

Within the youth and education program, the foundation looks for ways to eliminate barriers to the healthy development of young people, encourages organizations serving youth in creative ways, and supports efforts to improve elementary and secondary schooling, including key institutions with which NOAH has close ties.


In equity and justice, NOAH focuses on those who face discrimination, are dispossessed, or are poorly served by society and the judicial system. NOAH is especially resolved to serve the elderly, the disabled, victims of domestic violence and children at risk. NOAH looks for organizations that respond creatively and vigorously to meet those needs; groups engaging in constructive public advocacy and working to ensure the protection of civil rights for all humankind, regardless of age, gender, race or ethnic origin.


The community development program looks to enhance and protect the general environment. In community development, the Foundation supports projects that encourage an enhanced quality of life for the entire community. The public policy program provides a vehicle to make general support grants to national organizations working to strengthen the debate on key issues facing society.


Research and development: Environmental solutions to our changing habitat. Alternative energy solutions for our homes and transportation needs. Affordable and practical solutions for medical conditions and general health. Solutions, remedies and new technologies focusing on relief of pain and suffering for the peoples of all countries. New technologies and techniques for farming, energy production and low cost construction using recyclable materials are also addressed.




NOAH defines its role as an organization that assists and promotes:

  • Development and testing of new approaches to scientific endeavors, especially food, energy, ecology and related earth science endeavors.
  •  Health care solutions, including demonstrations to objectively assess the effectiveness and value of selected health care solutions and treatments.
  • Projects designed to promote educational awareness to inform, improve and foster new technologies.
  •  Research and development activities that benefit the economy by creating jobs and strengthening world commerce through business and technical enhancements.
  •  Assistance to: low income families, homeless, disabled, elderly, victims of domestic violence, abandoned children, humanitarian efforts to relieve pain and hunger, education and training to give people dignity, health and a way to prosperity.
  • Cleaning up the environment, finding and funding alternative sources of energy, funding research and development of electric vehicles, reforestation and waterway reclamation projects including contributions to preserving the rainforest’s.
NOAH subscribes to the belief that finding innovative, creative answers for many of society’s needs is of paramount importance. Funding these objectives will impact our social system in a positive way for all generations to come. NOAH is organized for the permanent administration of funds placed in trust by various donors for charitable purposes. Grants of assistance are available to any organization exploring new technologies today, for a better tomorrow.



The National Organization for American Humanities, an American Renaissance Coalition, is a non-profit organization in the form of a contract trust organization located in Kirkland, Washington.

The NOAH Foundation (the “Foundation”) was founded on October 1, 1997 in the State of Washington as a nonprofit charitable Organization.



The Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, public safety, literacy and educational purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Foundation seeks national and international contacts and partners for worldwide recognition, so that its mission of providing assistance to charitable organizations can be far reaching and executed in a prudent and harmonious way.



Through grants distributed within the guidelines of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), the Foundation plans to distribute funds in the form of Grants or Endowments to other charitable organizations which address many of the worlds problems.




Business Development

To carry out the humanitarian programs espoused by NOAH, it is necessary to operate the Trust as a business and a financial fiduciary. The Trust must generate revenues from its businesses. Thus, NOAH is a Financial Trust acting as a fiduciary consultancy and advisory service to investors. NOAH will consider participation with any entity or private party of qualified net worth willing to contribute to NOAHs programs.

NOAH’s administration and financial offices are located in Kirkland, Washington. The Foundation plans include investment and financial services. NOAH seeks to access credit worthy, middle and upper-market corporate transactions and medium-sized projects, especially real estate and construction, science and technology projects.


Use of Funds

To finance, joint venture, participate in any method or way to promote humanitarian causes of any kind. Promote scientific research and technical development of all kinds. Medical research and energy is of paramount importance.


Build and improve community infrastructure using environmentally friendly techniques and modes, i.e. construct power plants, roads, bridges and highways. This will include maintaining, expanding and improving modes of transportation, utility infrastructure, community infrastructure, social infrastructure. Joint venture with construction organizations engaged in building and refurbishment of necessary groundwork to revive or create a simple or multi functional community. Provide job education and employment in all facets of project construction and operation.


Assign, sell and or deposit any securities for any company created, owned or operated by NOAH. Provide any security required for the performance of any contracts or any obligations of the Trust.


Deliver to any investor, fund, pension, trust or corporation; bank guarantees, promissory notes, bills of exchange, certificates of deposit or any other negotiable instruments in exchange for a transfer of funds, capital, or monies which the Trust may require for its activities.


Invest and deal with the monies of the Trust not immediately required for the purposes of its management, construction, supplies of food, clothing, shelter or other project of the Trust is involved, in such investments or securities and in such a manner from time to time as may be determined.


Utilize state of the art computer systems, communication through the Internet and establish Web pages and other advanced communication means to promote and collect gifts and funds into the Trust to carry out the Foundation’s mission.


Establish and maintain ancillary Trusts, trust funds, or strategies (whether contributory or non-contributory) with a view to providing pensions or other benefits for any persons who have volunteered their talents, their time and their work to aid any of NOAH’s programs. Support activities which in the opinion of the Trustees are calculated to be directly or indirectly of special benefit to the goals of the Trust and its volunteer corps.


Enter into any partnership, joint venture arrangement or any union of interest or cooperation with any entity or Trust, company, firm or person for sharing profits, knowledge, scientific endeavors and carrying on or proposing to carry on any business within the objectives of this Trust. Seek and thereby acquire and hold or sell for NOAH, debentures or other equity or securities of any of the Trust’s business, to guarantee the contracts, liabilities, to subsidize or otherwise assist such businesses or ventures as may be of use to the growth and perpetuity of the Trust.


Purchase or accept donations of property, real or personal, tangible or intangible. Sell, develop, manage, turn to account, exchange, rent, lease, establish royalties, share profits, grant licenses, easements, or other rights in or over, and in any legal manner deal with or dispose of the endeavors and related properties, assets of the Trust or any business however owned or operated by the Trust which the Trustees may conclude to be proper, discerning and favorable to the Trust.


Establish agreements with attorneys, lawyers, solicitors, officials of governments for permits, rights of ways, permission to proceed with a project, or services as required by law, banking or securities regulations, or states or governing bodies or persons. To distribute among the members in specie and property of the Trust or any proceeds of sale by contract, in advance for the required services of any of the items mentioned above in carrying out the objectives of the Trust.


To do any and all of the aforementioned in any part of the World either as principals, agents, attorneys, trustees, contractors, guardians or traders or otherwise, either alone or in conjunction with others and either by or through agents, trustees, contractors, sub-contractors or otherwise as deemed prudent for the Trust.




The Foundation has no shareholders. Its affairs are managed by the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees has the power to elect additional Trustees of the Foundation. The Trustees may also nominate Executive Directors, Administrative Directors and Project Directors who pledge to support NOAH’s stated objectives and assist in fund raising to promote those objectives.


The Trustees and Executive Directors of the Foundation are:

  • Jay L. Werelius, Executive Trustee,
  • Carol Werelius, Executive Trustee.




There are various projects and divisions of NOAH that are presently being created and implemented. Some of these are:

  • Humanitarian Projects
  • Technologies
  • Disaster Relief
  • Rain forest Restoration
  • Environmental Cleanup



Advertising and Promotion

NOAH will utilize the following media and methods to drive its message home to potential donors, members and other organizations:

  • Membership drives.
  • Solicitations for donations.
  • Sales of NOAH licensed goods and products.
  • The marketing ability of the Internet Web page.
  • Charitable and financial consultants.
  • In house and outside grant writers.
  • Press releases to newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, radio and television.
  • Sponsorship of radio and television ads/programs.



As a public Foundation, NOAH supports individuals and their ingenuity to make this world a better place. Come join us, work with us. The National Organization for American Humanities is a unique and very worthwhile organization. NOAH needs your help. NOAH needs your involvement. Come join us in some way . . .together we can make a difference.


It’s up to all of us to leave this world better than we found it!