1. What does NOAH do?

2. What programs are available now?

3. What geographical areas does NOAH participate?

4. What can I do to help?

5. How can my community benefit?

6. What can my community do to help?



1. When will you start on the projects?

2. If I have a technology that you mentioned, how can NOAH help me?

3. What are the parameters to receive benefits from NOAH?



1. What is a MEMBER?

2. How do I become a MEMBER?



1. What does NOAH do?

By funding the objectives chosen by NOAH, our social system should receive a positive impact for generations to come. NOAH is organized for the permanent administration of funds placed in trust by various donors for research, development, education and humanitarian purposes. Assistance is available to any organization exploring new technologies today, for a better tomorrow.

The activities of the National Organization for American Humanities support three general principles: empowerment (to develop independence, educate and equip people to help themselves and to serve others); inclusiveness (to expand opportunity for those who lack it): and community (to build and sustain quality in our common life).

The foundation has seven funding priorities: 1. Youth and Education, 2. Equity and Justice, 3. Community Development, 4. Arts, 5. Public Policy, 6. Research and Development of Health Solutions and 7. New Technologies. Within each priority, the Foundation has identified several areas of concentration.

2. What programs are available now?

a. We are presently involved in research and development of purebred (soon to be ‘purebrid’) electric cars, not hybrid electric cars. We are working on obtaining emissions decrease certification on each purebred electric car sold. This is a fascinating field and the inital results are extremely promising.

b. We are working on obtaining emissions decrease certification on certain jet engines.

c. We are assisting an Electric Car dealership by maintaining the website and working as a business advisor.


3. What geographical area does NOAH participate?

NOAH can operate within any of the states of the Unites States as a 501(c)(3). We can operate in any other country as a supporting entity.

4. What can I do to help?

There are many things you can do. You can volunteer your skills, your time and your expertise. You can donate money, cars, trucks, airplanes, just about anything you do not have a desire to own anymore. You can help us find technologies and methodologies that we can use to benefit others. You can hlep us locate projects that fall into the scope of the mission of NOAH.


5. How can my community benefit?

NOAH will always be a community leader and good nieghbor. It is within the mission statement of NOAH to support and foster the complete refurbishing, rebuilding or replacing of any dwellings and community centers.


6. What can my community do to help?

Notify us of the community needs and goals. Give us an opportunity to participate.




1. When will you start on the projects?

There are three phases to each project:

1. Planning: We examine the project or idea, we create a detailed project plan and then come to an agreement between all parties.

2. Verification: We have a public hearing of the local community if applicable, or a meeting with the local business leaders if applicable.

3. Operation: We complete the construction or building of three prototype for verification that the Project has social and economical merit and then we ‘commission’ the parties and proceed with them ongoing project.

Planning has already begun on three projects and we have started to develop Partnerships and relationships with businesses and communities. As we move forward, we will provide the media with updates on our timetable and our plans for launching your project.

2. If I have a technology that you mentioned, how can NOAH help me?

The first step is for every party to implement a ‘non-disclosure, non-compete’ agreement. The next step is supply NOAH with a overview of the technology and a simple statement of intention to operate their technology pursuant to the mission of NOAH. If the project is accepted as a ‘candidate’ after review of the aforementioned protocol, a meeting will be set up with the appropriate personal from NAOH to meet with your representatives to discuss finances, implementation, and marketing if applicable.

3. What are the parameters to recieve benefits from NOAH??

You or your community, project or technology must fall under the Mission Statement of NOAH.



1. What is a MEMBER?

There are three levels of membership.

2. How do I become a MEMBER?

A person or a company can become a member of NOAH Foundation by filling in the application and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set forth, and continuing to abide by said Terms and Conditions.