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The National Organization For American Humanities,
an American Renaissance Coalition

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit originated in 1997. The National Organization for American Humanities is an accountable American non-profit 501(c)(3) and World entity. We have accepted the challenge to support those causes and activities which directly benefit the world. 

TRUSTEES: Jay Werelius, Carol Werelius and Jim Knox. The trustees of the National Organization of American Humanities wish your participation and investment to join with NOAH in our missions of assistance.


The National Organization for American Humanities, as an accountable American and World entity, has accepted the challenge of the responsibility to support those individuals, organizations and activities which directly benefit society. NOAH’s primary goal is to support any worthwhile project, providing that the request has a net benefit to humankind, which in turn contributes to the enhancement of our global community.

Our planet has been abused for centuries by man and our planet desperately needs all of our combined assistance to repair the ecological damages inflicted on our fragile planet. In addition to the direct damages caused by mankind, in 1998 over 82 billion dollars of debilitating losses were experienced through out the world from indirectly caused weather related damages. These storms and calamities of nature have caused thousands of deaths and have destroyed whole communities. There isn't enough government assistance to resolve all the misery and pain in this world. There are now over one billion people on this earth that are illiterate. The failure to educate hundreds of millions of children poses a threat not only to their lives, to world peace, but also to world survival.

NOAH is dedicated to assisting those in need where and whenever possible. It takes a team.



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